i don't know what i'm doing here.



i use the same voice i always have.

A wide-ranging website, that focuses heavily - but not exclusively - on my preferred topics of conversation and interest is something I've wanted to build for years, and with the collapse of one project, it seems only right to try to start another one from it's ashes. I love music, I love records; I love the written word, in every form; I love to eat, I love to drink, both with abandon... and we live in a difficult, frustrating, and disheartening period. Abandon is, at this point, wildly underrated and should be encouraged a lot more.

The term "Go Like Hell Machine" comes, originally, from a Ken Burns documentary (Horatio's Drive), about Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson. More specifically, it comes from a woman, who, upon seeing her first-ever automobile in 1900's rural America, declared it a "go-like-hell-machine". Dr. Jackson was an ambitious, optimistic, and possibly crazy American who completed the nation's first cross-country drive in an automobile with a combination of guts, madness, ingenuity, charm, an adorable pit bull, and good old-fashioned American wealth and privilege.

It also comes from a friend who wanted it for a band, and who I stole the name from years ago. 




I'm a sucker for good correspondence, so if you feel like striking up a conversation, you know what to do. 

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